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How to personalize printable invitations and party decor


As fellow party organizing lovers, we know that you're always looking for something unique and special when putting together your next event, but throwing those pinterest-perfect parties can get expensive! With our printable party decor and invitations, we bring you the best design so that you can combine it, personalize it and make it your own for a fraction of the cost! 


After you make your purchase, you will immediately have access to download your files and you will also receive an email link to download at a later time. You will only be able to download your files twice, so we suggest saving to your computer, dropbox or flash drive so you'll always have access to them! (again, having the digital download means you save a lot of money :) You don't have to pay for shipping, or our cost to prepare and ship your product or deal with extra quantities or items that you may not need!)

All our files are set to print on standard letter sized paper, and they also work on A4 so you can print as many of each item as you need! Printing at home is certainly an option, however depending on printer quality, paper and ink, the results can really vary, so for best results we suggest printing at your local printing shop. 

(We recommend Staples, Office Depot, etc.. or your local mom & pop shop, where prints are usually less than $1 per sheet) 


* It’s IMPORTANT to use the free program ADOBE READER to edit these files. (It has to be version 11 or higher to maintain the font formatting. You can get the latest free version at You will NOT be able to personalize & save this file properly with any other program, or via tablet or smartphone (MAC users: Make sure you open the file in ADOBE READER and not with ‘PREVIEW’)

* All sample text in this editable items file can be easily personalized by you at home. You will not be able to change the color or location of the graphics, or general text position. You will only be able to enter your wording in the text fields and edit its size, style and color if you wish.

* If you wish to EDIT YOUR TEXT STYLE, COLOR, OR SIZE, you can highlight your text and press Ctrl + E (MAC: Cmd + E) to open the ‘Text Properties Toolbar’. There you can edit your text and even access more advanced options as ‘line spacing’ by clicking the MORE button.

* If after entering your text, your file is showing a small red plus sign on the bottom right of the text area, you can remove it by following these steps:

  1. Click menu "Edit ---> Preferences"
  2. Under Categories, select Forms.
  3. Uncheck "Show text field overflow indicator".
  4. Close the program and reopen (Make sure to save your file beforehand) 



To keep the file at a reasonable size, each sheet is only included once and you can then print each sheet individually as many times as you want. For the editable files, that would mean planning your text - for example, in case of the banner, in groups of two letters: ' HA   PP   YB   IR   TH   DA   Y ' and you can then write those two letters and follow these steps:


1. Inside adobe reader (Please make sure you're using v. 11 or higher, or download the latest version for free at: ), click the thin vertical line on the left of the screen to bring up the side menu (in many cases this menu will be open by default and you can skip this step).





2. Click the 'pages' symbol on the top left corner to show thumbnails of all pages in the doc:




3. Right click the sheet and select 'Print Pages' to print that selected page:


Once you've sent to the printer, you can then edit the page again and print. Repeating the process until you're done with the entire message.

If you're printing at a printing shop, you will have to do this there (or the attendant can generally help with this process as well).



* You can print these files at home, or at professional printing outlets such as Staples, FedEx Office, Kinkos, Office Max, etc... (Photo printing kiosks such as Walgreens will generally NOT print PDF files) Products printed at home will GREATLY vary depending on the quality of your printer.

* PAPER QUALITY will have a great impact on your final results. For the invitations and the banner, I suggest using heavy glossy white card stock or heavy matte photo paper. The other items will look good on card stock as well as regular thickness paper. PAPER SIZE is standard US Letter, but all the items will also print well on A4 paper.

* For best printing results, select ACTUAL SIZE in the Adobe Reader printing menu. To print different quantities of each item, insert the page number where is says ‘Pages to print’, and then insert the quantity you want where it says ‘Copies’ at the top of the printing options pop up.

* Once you print your invitation, you can cut along the trim marks. If you’ve chosen a DOUBLE SIDED invite you can reinsert the paper into the printer after it’s dry to print the back side, and then cut. * Please remember that printer, paper and ink will all have an effect on final results, and COLORS MAY VARY from what you see on your screen.



* If you prefer to go green and email your invitation, you will first need to take a screen capture of your invite without the background of the file. MAC USERS: Press: Cmd + Shift + 4 and a cursor will appear that you can stretch around your invitation to capture it as an image that will automatically be saved on your desktop. PC USERS: Press: Ctr + PrtScn to copy your screen, and then open the PAINT program, and click paste. You can then crop out your invitation from the rest of the screen image and save.

* Once you have saved your individual invite as an image, you can add it to an email, or visit: to CREATE AN ONLINE INVITATION along with a matching virtual envelope that will pop open on your guests screens when they click on it for real WOW factor. You will also be able to manage your RSVPs and much more. You can see a sample here:



*Envelopes can be found at local retailers such as Michael’s Staples, FedEx Office, Office Max, Target... and also online, many times for a better price at Envelope size is A7 (5 x 7 inches). Searching for that on Amazon should bring up a variety of results with multiple user reviews. These are my favorite ones: They are 1 grade thicker than standard envelopes, so not too heavy, but not see-throughie.. and the price is good.



If you have any questions when using these files, please don‘t hesitate to contact us at . We'd also love to hear any feedback that you care to share :) and hope you enjoy the party prepping just as much as the celebrating!



The gist: These files are for your OWN PERSONAL USE. You agreed to these terms when purchasing them. Please feel free to print as many times as you want, for your own party. Do not forward or share these files in any way. Under no circumstances can the finished invitation, file or any other component be resold in any way. Commercial use of any kind is not allowed. You can see our full terms here.

Viva la Bash!

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